2008- NANAKIAN PHILOSOPHY- Basics for Humanity



I am very grateful to Prof Dr Amarjit Singh Hayre (Retired) Professor and Head Department of Journalism, Languages and Culture, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana for writing very befitting FOREWORD.

I am highly indebted to Mrs. A. Singh of Brampton, Ontario; Dr Avtar Singh Dhailwal, Tennessee, USA; Dr Sarjeet Singh Sidhu of Malaysia; Dr Hardev Singh Virk (Retired), Professor of Physics, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar; Dr Harjinder Singh Dhillion (Retired), Professor and Director, Guru Nanak Dev University Campus, Jallandhar; and Prof Joginder Singh Jogi (Retired), Khalsa College, Amritsar for their suggestions to improve the presentation of this book and also for reading some of the Chapters. Besides many thanks are also due to the staff of the Singh Brothers, Amritsar for correcting the Punjabi verses.

I must acknowledge the Management Committee of the Institute for Understanding Sikhism for their whole hearted encouragement extended to me to write such books to disseminate Gurbani and Sikhism in their real perspective.

I, on behalf of the Institute for Understanding Sikhism, am very thankful to Dr Jasbir Kaur Gill and Mr. Shamsher Singh Bath of Brampton, Ontario; Mr Abnash Singh of DDO, Québec; Mr Amrik Singh Rehaln of Brossard, Québec and Dr Pritam Singh of Texes, USA for their financial help to meet a part of the cost of the printing of this book.

Completion of such difficult missions is impossible without the whole hearted encouragement from my wife, Kulwant, and my whole family. I am thankful to all of them especially to my son, Parminder, who keeps me abreast with the latest findings in Science associated with God, Religion, Cosmology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Molecular biology, etc. and for his help to draw some figures and to select suitable figures from Internet and formatting them for this book. I must add here that he also takes care of all my technical problems of computer in writing this book and also maintenance of the IUS Web site: www.iuscanada.com. I am highly indebted to him for this help. I am also indebted to Harvinder, my daughter-in-law, who always stood beside Parminder and me in this mission.

My thanks are also due to my grand daughter, Deepinder, a student of Physiology in McGill University, Montreal, who is always first to bring to my notice latest about God and Religion from books, Discussions on TV and articles in various journals. I am thankful to Raminder Gill, a student of Biochemistry in McGill University and daughter of our close friend – Karminder Gill and his wife Amrit, for helping me to find some figures for a Chapter, Life, Death, and Soul and also for reading it.

My thanks are also due to my grand children – Deepinder Chahal, Shawninder Chahal, and Chanpreet Sidhu, Komal Sidhu and Vikram Sidhu who are not lagging behind to inspire me whenever I had some philosophical discussions with them.

The permission granted by Roli Books to publish the painting of Guru Nanak (Fig. 2-3) from the book, The Sikhs, by Khushwant Singh and Raghu Rai is acknowledged. Reproduction of some figures from Free Wikipedia and many photos of Universe from NASA are also acknowledged. Due credit to the source of every Figure is given in its caption. The efforts of Dr Parminder Singh Chahal, my son, for drawing Fig. 8-1 and of Deepinder, my grand daughter, for drawing Fig. 6-1 are acknowledged.

Devinder Singh Chahal
Laval, Québec, Canada
February 11, 2008