2015- IUS Research Monograph # 5

NANAK: The Guru, The Founder of Sikhism


We are very grateful to Dr Raj Rattan Singh Chawla for writing MESSAGE about the way to make people aware of the philosophy of Guru Nanak and to Dr Devinder Pal Singh of Center for Understanding Sikhism, Mississauga, Ontario for writing most appropriate FOREWORD. Prof Devinder Singh Chahal is very thankful to Dr Kulbir Singh Thind and Dr Avtar Singh Dhaliwal for putting in their ideas to present SIKHI in right way. Prof Chahal is very much indebted to Mr Jesse Schell from New Zealand for editing the book to make it readable and understandable by the English speaking people of the West and the Sikhs all over the world.

Prof Chahal gained a lot of experience about Sikhi by consulting very often the following experts: Dr Shashi Bala, Professor and Head, Department of Guru Nanak Studies, Guru Nanak Dev University, Dr Opinderjit Takhar, University of Wolverhampton, UK, Dr Sukhraj Singh Dhillon, Dr Devinder Pal Singh, Dr Teja Singh and many more. He is also very thankful to Prof Dr Dr Ajaib Singh Brar, VC, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and Prof Dr Jairup Singh, Former VC of Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar and Founding VC of Central University of Punjab, Bathinda; and Prof. Gurmohan Singh Walia, VC of Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University, Fategarh for their encouragement for scientific and logical interpretation of Gurbani. We are also thankful to S Harcharan Singh Parhar, Editor of the Sikh Virsa, Calgary, Canada for prompt publication of this book on the eve of 545th Birthday of Guru Nanak which falls on November 6, 2014.

Finally, Prof Chahal is responsible if there is any misrepresentation and we would appreciate views of readers for further improvement for representation of philosophy of Guru Nanak.

Prof Devinder Singh Chahal, PhD
Laval, Quebec, Canada
30 October 2014