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  1. Your statements should be supported by Gurbani, science, and logic with authentic or authenticated references.
    Authentic: Genuine. Having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence.
    Authenticated: Established conclusively the authorship or origin of...
  2. Only Bani of Sikh Gurus (Gurbani), incorporated in
    the Aad Guru Granth Sahib (AGGS) should be quoted to support your statement.
  3. Complete reference from the Aad Guru Granth Sahib
    should be written as: AGGS, M 1, P 62
    Where, AGGS is the Aad Guru Granth Sahib. M is Mahla, e.g., M 1 mean first Guru, Nanak; M 2 means second Guru, Angad, and so on. And P 62 is the page 62 of the AGGS.
  4. References from other sources are to be given as in most scientific journals:
    Last name, First name or First name initials. Year of publication. Title of the article or chapter. Name of the journal, book, newspaper. Page’s starting number and ending number.

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